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KE-01c-MWS- Key of Freedom v2 by Clysart KE-01c-MWS- Key of Freedom v2 by Clysart
Kleis Eleytheria Unit01 Type C (Multi Weapon System): Key of Freedom Version 2
Used by Claes Eleytheria

The main form is the scythe, but the other forms manifested after redevelopment.

Has 3 crystals:
The main crystal is used to channel and amplify energy from the user and create a blade.
The second one near the first crystal is actually a controller so to speak. It limits the energy used and compresses it. Without that, the blade would be ginormously large and pretty much vacuum out the users energy in a heartbeat... or 5
The third crystal is at the foot end, can generate a blade like the Refuge.

Reliance on users energy led to discarding the staff form and development of the spear form. Allowing the user to fight without the use of energy.

Portability issues led to the development of the dagger form. The shaft was changed into nano plates that scales into one another.

Issues with indoor use led to the development of the sword form.

The Hidden Blade Altair
While connected, it can create a small blade.
Can be disconnected by twisting the handle.
The crystal part can be released, which can soar around like a bird. Tethered by a thread like alloy.

Data shows possibility of another form, but instability issues prevent further testing.

Personal Comments:
It was originally a staff, then I though oh you can make an energy blade and turn it into a scythe. Then I made the head part bladed so it can be a spear.

The main crystal used to be a sphere. But I thought the diamond shape looks nicer, then I made it shorter. Hey look a dagger.

When you first think of freedom you might think of a bird of freedom. So I wanted to add something bird based. Which led to the Altair system

Claes Eleytheria's theme is freedom. Sure it might sound like "Freedom from imprisonment" Or "Becoming free" But another side of it is freedom of your soul/earth. Thats where the grim reaper scythe came from. But thats a wholenother back story that im too lazy to talk about.

Other Weapons:
Twilight Tears Weapon System: [link]
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June 18, 2011
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